Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with so many flavors?2018-10-29T11:40:30-04:00

I am so proud of my line of treats.  Many were created from my extensive research and learning what ingredients have known health benefits for dogs.  Others were created by listening to what my customers were asking for.  I feel that ALL dogs should be able to eat treats, so I’ve created a line of treats that account for many different types of dietary needs.  My product line of 16 treats include Grain-Free, Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, low-protein, low-fat, peanut-free, chicken-free and dairy-free options.  If your pup doesn’t have dietary restrictions, they will love sampling all that I have to offer!

My treats are made with all-natural, everyday ingredients — no additives, no fillers, no food coloring, no added preservatives!  I use fresh fruits and vegetables where possible.  What makes them dog treats?  I exclude ingredients that are known to be toxic for dogs, I reduce or eliminate altogether foods that are bad for dogs (ie. sugar, salt, fat), and finally, I pack in as many nutritious foods as possible, such as pumpkin, zucchini, carrots, sweet potato, cranberries, blueberries, apples, and fish oil; foods known to promote healing and good health in dogs from sniffer to tail.

Although an enormous amount of work, I feel that by offering 16 flavors, regardless of whether you are a peanut-free, Gluten-Free, dairy-free or vegetarian household, your dog can enjoy a wide variety of flavors, shapes, sizes and levels of crunchiness.  And the best news is, even if you are not a special-needs household, your dog will love them because they taste good and you will love them knowing that you are giving your dog a healthy snack.

Do you have a vegan treat?2018-04-23T10:19:44-04:00

I have one vegan treat, “Punky Chewster”, made with whole wheat flour, pure pumpkin, natural peanut butter, water, cinnamon and baking powder.

Which treats have chicken?2018-04-23T10:18:54-04:00

Low-fat, low-sodium chicken broth is used in two of my treats:  “Bark Bark” and “Mr. Green Beans”.

Which treats should be avoided if there is a peanut allergy?2018-04-23T10:21:35-04:00

“P B & Yay!”, “Punky Chewster” and “Coco Ruffs” are the only treats that contain peanut butter.

Do you have treats low in fat?2018-04-23T10:23:41-04:00

Four of my treats have a Min. Fat less than 6%.  On the Whole Grain Recipe side, “Sweet Potato Fries” are our lowest fat treat, having a Min. Fat of 1.16%.  “Bark Bark” comes in second with a Min. Fat of 2.90%.   On the Wheat-Free side, “Blue Suede Chews” is lowest at 5.16%, followed by “Banana Fo-Fana” at 5.62%.

Do you have any cat treats?2018-04-23T10:26:33-04:00

Well, you know how cats are…but I do have loyal feline customers who rave about “Sumthin’ Fishy”.  Made with salmon and pumpkin, I’ve heard that these little sticks are great for batting around the floor before you drag it to the corner and kill it. The chickeny-goodness of Mr. Green Beans is a favorite as well. Some cats don’t like any of them, some cats will eat them all. You know how cats are…

How long do your treats last?2018-04-23T10:27:38-04:00

In a dog’s mouth, about 10 seconds.  In a refrigerator, about a year.  After baking, I dehydrate for 8-12 hours to draw out as much moisture as possible to prolong storage life.   As this is a freshly baked good without additives or preservatives, refrigeration is highly recommended.

Can little dogs eat them?2018-04-23T10:53:36-04:00

Absolutely! Because my treats are so crunchy, most of them are easily snapped into smaller bites!  If you’re looking for treats with a softer crunch, I recommend “Eat Your Carrots!”, “Say Cheese!”, and “P, B & Yay!” from the Whole Grain Recipe line, and “Tumbleweeds”, “Get Squashed!”, “Blue Suede Chews”, “Sumthin’ Fishy” and “Mr. Green Beans” from the Wheat-Free line.

Do you have low-protein treats?2018-04-23T10:54:43-04:00

Yes!  All of my treats are sent to a Feed Lab for a guaranteed analysis.  Seven flavors were determined to have less than 15% Min. Protein.  They are “Get Squashed!” (9.4%), “Eat Your Carrots!” (9.9%), “Pip Squeaks” (10.7%), “Mr. Green Beans” (11.2%), “Red Rovers” (12.10%), “Bark Bark” (14.2%), and “Sweet Potato Fries” (14.6%).

What treats would you recommend for dogs with sensitive stomachs?2018-04-23T10:57:19-04:00

Of my Whole Grain Recipe flavors, “Punky Chewster” is our #1 pick!   Made with natural peanut butter and pure pumpkin, it’s easy on the tummy and pumpkin is an excellent digestive aid.   Two other very mild treats are “P,B & Yay!” and “Sweet Potato Fries”. Research shows that certain dogs’ digestive tracts are adversely affected by Gluten. If this is the case with your dog, I offer 8 Gluten-Free flavors.

Can the treats be frozen?2018-04-23T10:59:40-04:00

Of course! Because my treats are dehydrated, they freeze really well. With very low moisture, they don’t turn into blocks of ice in the freezer. In fact, many of my customers with smaller dogs who don’t want to “over-treat” will split the bag, put half in the freezer and half in the fridge. When the bag in the fridge runs out, they’ve got another bag waiting for them, that way, they never get “the look”!

Also, my out-of-state customers cut down their shipping costs buy ordering many bags at once and storing the extras in the freezer. They never run out!

Where are your treats made?2018-04-23T11:00:37-04:00

My treats are made by hand in my home kitchen in Cary, NC under the supervision of our Quality Control and Product Development Department, McGee and Shelbi, two Australian Cattle Dogs who run a tight ship!

How did Good Grace’s come about?2018-04-23T10:08:20-04:00

In 2008, after a firestorm of recalls of salmonella-tainted dog treats made in China, Blair McKinney was becoming increasingly concerned with the ingredients found in store purchased treats, and sickened by the stories of the illnesses and deaths connected to treats made in China.  She only wanted the best ingredients going into her Australian Cattle Dogs, McGee and Shelbi. She started researching foods that are healthy for dogs, and began experimenting with different types of recipes.  Never having been much of a baker, it was a comedy of errors; burned batches, treats sticking to cookie sheets, treats crumbling or puffing up, and many, many dough disasters.  After much trial and error, she finally started producing treats that she could be proud of.  McGee and Shelbi loved them!  Having more treats than she knew what to do with, she started taking the surplus to work and handing them out to her dog-loving co-workers.  The feedback was great. Next thing she knew, her co-workers were standing at her desk wanting to know how they could get their hands on more. Their dogs had begun to refuse the store-bought treats, and would only eat the ones Blair had made! This led to the addiction of creating more and more recipes.  She was seriously having fun!  She decided in November 2011 to test her 7 “nailed down” recipes at a Fall Craft Fair at the Western Wake Farmer’s Market in Morrisville, NC.  The reception was better than she ever could have imagined.  On January 1st, 2012, Good Grace’s Dog Treats, Inc. was born.  She joined the Western Wake Farmer’s Market in the Spring of 2012 and has since been a part of 6 other local Farmer’s Markets.  She attends special events and festivals, as well as fund-raising events with local rescue agencies such as Second Chance Pet Adoptions, All-Breeds Dog Rescue, Triangle Beagle Rescue, South of the Bully Pit Bull Rescue, and the SPCA.  Blair happily and gratefully left the corporate world in 2013.  She is 100% committed to providing healthy handmade dog treats that people can feel good about feeding to their pups.

Who is Grace?2018-04-23T11:03:50-04:00
Good Grace was my dear, dear grandmother who lived to be 96!  She spent 40 years working as a nurse…during a time when women didn’t work, and weren’t expected to work.  She did it because she loved it.  As she was leaving us, I decided it was high time I did something that I loved to do as much as she loved nursing. We miss her terribly, and I can think of no better way to honor her than to work very hard at something I love, that brings happiness to other people. Just like she did.
“Mama” was famous for her chicken pot pie.  Whenever any of us asked her for the recipe she would say, “Well, you just take a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, and you put it in the oven.”  And we would say, “But Mama, how long do you cook it?”  She would look at us and say, “Honey, you just cook it til’ it’s done.”
And now, after years of hard work, trial and error, burned batches, peanut butter spattered on the cupboards, I know all of my recipes by heart, and I just “Cook em’ til’ they’re done.”